Granite Ridge Angus Stud is first and foremost a Seed Stock Producer, leap-frogging to the forefront of Angus breeding by purchasing some of the leading genetics found in Australia. The ancestry of cows at Granite Ridge can be traced back to 1934, when heifers were originally imported out from Scotland.

Granite Ridge focus time and money on selecting the right Sire for each Female. There is a huge pool of genetics to work with, sourcing Sires from USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. AI is used extensively and in order to speed up the genetic move forward top cows are flushed for Embryo Transfer.

As a seed stock breeder our focus is on
genetic improvement to the Angus Cattle Breed.

All cattle at risk of genetic defects AM, NH, CA and DD are tested. You, as the commercial breeder can keep yourself safe from losses by buying only bulls that are free from all these defects.

Granite Ridge is based on 2000 acres at Avenue Range in the lower SE of South Australia. The property has high & low land, improved pastures and irrigation, a combination that is just right for a cattle stud. You also have the assurance that all care and effort goes into the enterprise, as Colin and Pat both own and work the stud property personally.

MN3 Accredited

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Granite Ridge Angus Stud
Owners: Colin Flanagan & Patricia Ebert
Location: Avenue Range SA, Australia
PH: 08 8768 8018   FAX: 08 8768 8019