Lawsons Traveler T510 X240 (AI) VLYX240
Sire : S S Traveler 6807 T510
Dam : Ythanbrae New Design 036 U5 (AI)(ET)
A powerful cow with exceptional EBV figures, having growth with carcase traits. Five sons sold at our 2009 sale with a high of $6250 and an average of $4600... (Read More)

Glen Bold Adelaide R05 SGBR05
Sire : Gardens Prime Time
Dam : Glen Bold Adelaide P49
Purchased at The Grange dispersal the Adelaide cow died last year at the age of 14 years. She was still a standout cow being very sound of feet and legs... (Read More)

Lawsons Pinnacle X960 (AI) VLYX960
Sire : G A R Pinnacle
Dam : Ythanbrae New Design 036 V432
An extremely strong, long and powerful cow.  Pinnacle X960 had two bulls in our 2011 Bull Sale, selling for $6250 and $5750, being big, long and powerful animals... (Read More)

Vermont Dream B272 (AI)(ET) CCVB272
Sire : C A Future Direction 5321
Dam : Vermont Dream Y301 (AI)(ET)
Purchased at the Vermont dispersal she is a big beautiful cow with an exceptioal spread of figures.  We are using her son Vermont Maternal Direction E575 for stud duty in our herd... (Read More)

Narrangullen Eva W109 (AI) NARW109
Sire : Narrangullen Testement T95 (AI)(ET)
Dam : Narrangullen Evit R55 (AI)
A beautiful, well balanced cow, purchased at the Narrangullen dispersal. Eva W109 has been among a number of Narrangullen cows who have Brought some excellent genetics to our herd... (Read More)

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Vermont Dream B272

Vermont Dream B272

Vermont Dream B272

Vermont Dream B272