Granite Ridge Angus 4D7 G153

Doug Dozer, Onslow Angus, Wallendbeen, with Andy McGeoch, Elders studstock auctioneer and Josh Crosby, Elders studstock, Dubbo, and Onslow Exacto L144, purchased by Rosedale Rural Pty Ltd, Campbelltown, Tasmania. (Photo from

12 September 2016

Top Priced Bull Sired by Granite Ridge Angus 4D7 G153

Onslow Angus from Wallendeen NSW topped at $20,000 for a son of Granite Ridge Angus 4D7 G153, who was purchased by Onslow as the top priced bull at our 2013 Bull Sale. Ten, Granite Ridge 4D7 G153 sons in all were sold, for an average of $13,900.

Another Sire featuring at the Onslow Bull Sale was Granite Ridge Regent H317, purchased as top priced bull at our 2014 Bull Sale. Eight sons sold for a top of $13,500 and an average of $7,700. Follow link to view 'The Land' Onslow Bull Sale Report:

21 December 2015

Granite Ridge takes first step in proving breeding success!

Steers purchased at Naracoorte Sale Yards on 10th December 2015

PHOTO: Steers purchased at Naracoorte Sale Yards on 10th December 2015 for our back grounding operation. Bred by Malcolm & Tanya Smith & Sired by Granite Ridge Bulls.


We want to announce a new venture. Granite Ridge has purchased a property with the sole intention of proving that there is value in Granite Ridge Genetics.

Granite Ridge will purchase weaner steers from our bull buying customers. These steers must be sired by Granite Ridge bulls.

Granite Ridge will be sourcing 600 steers sired by Granite Ridge bulls each year.

We want to follow these steers through to kill and collect information that will help us to select genetics that will give our customers the best return. We will look at how quickly the steers get to weight on grass and collect all kill data.

We will also be able to give you the breeder feedback, and be able to compare one operation with another, making suggestions on where you may be able to improve your returns.


Granite Ridge Angus Stud
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Location: Avenue Range SA, Australia
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