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2017 SALE: Sire Details

This year's bulls have been sired by some of the best: (click sire for more info on Angus Australia website)

TeMania Foe F734  VTMF734

BORN: 31/08/2010

TeMania Foe F734 was purchased as Top Priced Bull at the TeMania Bull Sale in 2012, we were impressed with his impeccable structure, outstanding phenotype and impressive EBV’s.  Everyone who have inspected Foe and his progeny have been amazed by his structure, phenotype and docility.   Some have commented that his genetic profile must be so strong giving a consistency in his sons and daughters.  Foe has lived up to all our expectations and more.
We have now sold 34  Foe sons at auction for a high of $52,000 and an average of $8,000 and from all accounts they are breeding well.

Te Mania Foe F734
Witherswood Performer E49  CWJE49

BORN: 16/08/2009

The Witherswood Performer E49 was purchased as Top Priced Bull in 2011 for his high positive fat to balance and thicken our strong growth cows, but he is the complete package.  He ticks every box—Moderate birth with high calving ease, strong growth being in the top 10% of the breed for all growth traits.  He is definitely leaving his mark in our herd. The Performer has good feet and a good nature and to top this off, his daughters scanned with the elusive fleck Marbling.

Witherswood Performer  E49
A A R Ten X 7008 S A USA15719841

BORN: 09/02/2007

Ten X is an American Sire who has had the most calves registered for two years running.  He has an extraordinary set of figures,  having very high calving ease and low birth weight to strong growth-600 Day Weight of +128 and carcase weight of +83.  His sons are early maturing with exceptionally good bodies, Being thick and deep.

A A R Ten X 7008 S A USA15719841

BORN: 03/02/2007

We have brought GPS back into our mating program for a number of reasons.  He is an outcross sire with sound structure.  He was the sire of the 2015 Texas Angus Bull Sale Topper at $45,000.  GPS is a trait leader in many traits and all Dollar Indexes.  He brings many qualities including moderate birth and very good calving ease, with a short gestation length making him suitable to use over heifers.  Good growth and excellent carcase quality finish the package.

GAR-EGL Protégé USA15098880

BORN: 30/08/2004

Protégé is another sire we have brought back into our mating program after a few years break.  He is the highest indexing bull in America & has been used very widely.  We were impressed with Protégé’s offspring and are impressed again with the sons we have to offer.  Ease of calving to strong growth, he adds extra muscle and frame.

GAR-EGL Protégé USA15098880
Granite Ridge Jackpot J23 SJKJ23

BORN: 25/02/2013

Jackpot is an excellent Regent son, a standout in our 2013 drop of calves, being of quality phenotype and structure. A bull with strong growth, positive fat and high IMF (+4.2).  His dam is from our Whisper family, a powerful cow.

Granite Ridge Jackpot J23  SJKJ23
Jindra Double Vision USA16748826

BORN: 08/02/2010

Phenotypically Double Vision is a powerful, wide based, deep bodied heavyweight bull on structurally solid feet and legs that combines the top genetics of three well respected US performance breeders in Connealy, Hoff and GDAR. His first calves in 2015 were impressive with lots of style and really nice muscle shape.

Jindra Double Vision USA16748826
ONeills Expedition USA14761330

BORN: 22/01/2010

Expedition is a cow maker, his daughters are large and smooth sided, being easy fleshing and having excellent udders. He has bred well for us and they are very pleasing to the eye..He brings some extra punch. 

ONeills Expedition USA14761330

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